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Sunday, September 25 2016 @ 09:53 PM EDT
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2015 Cruise Schedule

CruisesHere is our cruise schedule for this season. Anyone is welcome to join, just contact the leader for trip details. click "read More" to see complete schedule.
General Membership Application
First name(s)____________________________________________________________________________
City____________________________________ State___________________ Zip_____________________
Phone (___) _____________________________ Email_______________________________________
Dues are $15/single or $20/family for a calendar year (Jan-Dec). Make check payable to Elkhorn Paddlers.
Elkhorn Paddler activities do involve some risk of loss of life, personal injury and property damage. As a condition of membership and participation in any Elkhorn Paddler activities, all such risks are herewith accepted by the applicant. The Elkhorn Paddlers club, its officers, members and sponsors are held harmless of any and all liability. By signing below I state that I have read and understand the above and agree to these terms.
Signature.______________________________________ Date__________________
Mail completed application to: Elkhorn Paddlers C/O Dave Stawicki 1748 Hawthorne Lane, Lexington, KY 40505
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Trip Report - Hiwassee

CruisesThe 2014 installment of the Hiwassee River trip came off pretty well. The only hitch was rain on Saturday that dampened put-in & take-out, but not spirits. We put 13 people into a fleet of 11 boats with canoes- yes, open boats - outnumbering kayaks for the first time in recent memory.

Saturday's paddle was interesting not only for the rain and overcast. The weather combination layed a thick blanket of fog at water level making scoping the upcoming paths through rapids a bit interesting. Thanks to multiple trips to this river over the years, we were able to utilize memory to set up our runs. In addition, the fog generally thinned or lifted when we got into the meat of a rapid so it didn't cause any mishaps. However, as a leader, not being able to see the whole group was a bit unnerving.

Sunday's float was the opposite of saturday. Bright blue skies, clear water and an early enough start that we preceded the weekend crowds down most of the river. At some points it seemed we had the river to ourselves. That being said, all enjoyed the trip and mishaps were few and far between. We had time to play (those who wanted to) and could take our time floating and taking pictures of each other and scenery.

All said they were looking forward to the next trip to visit here, at least next year, if not before.
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Trip Report - 3 North Fork Cruises

CruisesMay 4 & May 17, Larry & George led a trip on the North Fork through horse farms and a Heron Rookery. On May 18th, Nancy led paddlers on the North Fork just west of Georgetown. click Read More to see what you missed.
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Beginner's Paddle

CruisesBeginners cruise on the Elkhorn. Knight’s Bridge to 127 Bridge. May 31st. We decided to call this a “beginner’s cruise”, for some reason in the last couple of years, we have not had much interest in the “canoe clinic”.
We had great weather and a very good turn out. Eleven Elkhorn paddlers and 5 new paddlers. Four of the paddlers rented boats at Canoe Kentucky and we met them at the 10AM shuttle. It was a busy day on the creek.
The bus was a little late in coming, so we put on the water around 11AM. A good sunny day and the water was warm. We stopped for lunch at the shoals area.
At the half way point we stopped briefly at the outfitters to let the rental boaters report in. Later in the cruise we encountered another Elkhorn Paddler leading some college kids on a trip.
At the “Claw” we had one paddler take a dip, but no serious problems. Also saw a large dog below the Claw carrying a heavy rock in his teeth and swimming across the creek?
We were at the 127 bridge about 3:30. We ad a total of 12 boats, 4 canoes and 8 kayaks. Good trip.
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North Elkhorn -Switzer Trip Report

Cruises...And they're Off

10 "hearty" souls braved perfect weather and water conditions to participate on 2014's inaugural paddle on North
Elkhorn Creek. And it was, indeed, perfect conditions, made better by the enthusiasm and good cheer of the paddlers. In
fact they were so enthusiastic, that half of us put on the creek under the covered bridge at Switzer and ran the
'riffle' under the new concrete bridge.

One of the benefits of running an early spring trip includes the absence of tree foliage, extending views and allowing
for some wildlife spotting. This trip saw mostly birds, but several of the group found a mink scurrying along the bank,
away from our flotilla. Other than that, casual conversation was the norm as we floated, lightly paddling, along this
stretch of creek. Unfortunately, it only took about 4 hours until the current ended our trip, with only 2 boats getting
stuck and no one testing the water temperature.

It really is a great way to start the season, so if you missed it this year, keep us in mind for 2015. SYOTR
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Grayson Lake Trip Report

CruisesBe careful what you wish for! I wanted some rain to get the Grayson Lake waterfalls going, then woke to thunderstorms Friday morning. Not wanting to load kayaks on the trailer in lightning, we pushed back the meeting time 1 1/2 hrs. Seven people met up at Grayson Lake, including my cousin and a friend, both from Michigan, and we decided to go to the secret waterfall up Clifty Creek. It started raining shortly after we launched, and after donning spray skirts and rain jackets, we continued on. The waterfalls were running nicely, though, especially the secret one. (you paddle through a cave-like entrance to it) We found an easy place to get out with a rock ledge to keep us dry for lunch. We explored up the other fork until it became too shallow, getting out to stretch there.
Sat. & Sun. were hot and sunny. Saturday we carried down the steep bank to the closed off part of Big Gimlet, and explored all the waterfalls on the way to the end, with lunch in front of one of my favorite falls. We had to negotiate some downed trees to get up the creek at the end, but the beautiful cascading falls over green moss and Trilliums growing there was worth it. Three paddlers were hot and cooled off under a big falls on the way back. The carry back up the bank that everyone was dreading was easier than they thought. The only way into this section is by carry-down, we saw one fisherman on the way back in a jon-boat, he pulls it up the bank with a rope.
After gathering firewood by the cars we headed back to our campsite at the state park for a hot dog feast for the group followed by pineapple upside down cake made over the coals by my cousin Peggy.
Sunday we paddled up to Newcombe Creek and explored way up it. We had to portage around a big tree about half way up, and encountered two groups of locals fishing on the banks. Just when it got too shallow and fast to go any farther, there was another log-jam, so we headed back, taking an hour to paddle all the way back out to the lake.
There's nothing like gliding along at the base of towering cliffs, often streaked in different colors. Some lean way out over the water, and swallows dart in and out of holes in the cliff. Going behind, or
through, the waterfalls is a highlight of the trip. We only had one
powerboat pass us the whole three days.
Nancy Moore
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2014 Cruise Schedule

CruisesIt is finally here - the cruise schedule for this season. Take a look and contact the appropriate trip leader if you want to the READ MORE link to get the whole schedule.
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Nat'l Paddling Film Festival

CruisesHey Folks, it's that time of year again, the 32nd annual National Paddling Film Festival is just around the corner. This year's special guest is Evan Garcia and this year's festivities are shaping up to be the best yet.

February 21-22 at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort Kentucky the National Paddling Film Fest will be presenting some of the best paddling video available as well as supplying food, beer, door prizes, a silent auction, homebrew contest, chili cookoff, and a dazzling array of sponsor booths. Tickets are just $20 in advance or $25 at the door, a bargain either way. Proceeds go primarily to support American Whitewater, but also support smaller regional conservation efforts such as Friends of the Cheat and the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute. Last year we raised just under $7000 for river conservation. When you look at it that way, it would be irresponsible NOT to attend.

Off-site non-affiliated activities include the Not-NPFF downriver race on the elkhorn on Saturday, bourbon tasting at Buffalo Trace, an after party both nights at the Brick Alley in downtown Frankfort, and boating all over the region on Sunday as people make their way back home.

So come spend the fourth weekend in February with several hundred of your best paddling buddies. It's the Oscar's and Golden Globes of Paddling filmography all at one convenient location. If you've never been, this is the best year to start a tradition. Come see us at the National Paddling Film Festival!

For more information go to
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Dix River Cruise report

CruisesOur annual breakfast/meeting/diver paddle came off without a hitch this year. 3 brave souls enjoyed the day on the water and Jack provides this report
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"Ghost Ship" Trip Report

CruisesOn Saturday September 21st five paddlers turned out for the "ghost ship" paddle at Boonesborough State Park. At first it looked like the trip might be a wash out due to heavy rain fall the night before and lingering morning showers. Fortunately, once we put in we only had a few light off and on showers for the first part of the trip. We left the park boat ramp heading a short distance up stream to get a closer look at lock and dam number 10. Wayne remembered a trip years ago when the lock was still in operation and the group actually being locked through the dam.

We then turned down stream for a 2.5 mile paddle to the mouth of Lower Howards Creek. After reaching the creek we saw that a large tree had fallen across the entire width of the creek, putting our planned lunch stop a Hall's on the River in question, but with a little effort we were all able to squeeze under the tree with out exiting our boats and continue on up stream to our take out stop behind the restaurant.

After a hearty lunch the rain had ended and the sun was out as we paddled back down the creek, made another squeeze under the fallen tree and back into the river and on down stream to view the wreck of the "ghost ship" Brooklyn, then a short distance on down stream to view what was left of some type of large wooden vessel before heading back up stream to our take out at the park boat ramp. Thanks to all that participated.